Please check the phrases which apply to you.

    Applies to me Question
    I often say yes, even if I would prefer to say no.
    I defend my rights and that without interfering in those of other people.
    I prefer to hide what I think or feel when I don't know well the other person.
    I'm rather authoritarian and determined.
    Generally, I find it easier and cleverer to act through others rather than to act directly.
    I don't care to criticize others and to tell them what I really think.
    I don't dare to refuse to others certain services, even if they aren't in my area of competencies.
    I’m not afraid to tell my opinion, even to hostile people
    I prefer to keep out of discussions and observe from where the wind is blowing
    Sometimes people tell me that I am always having the last word
    It’s difficult for me to listen to others
    I try to belong to inner circle, because it always served me well
    People generally think that I’m clever in dealing with other people
    My relationships to others are based on trust and not on domination and on calculative behavior
    I don’t ask my colleagues to help me, because they could think that I’m not competent
    I’m timid and blocked when I have to do something new
    People say that I’m quick-tempered: I’m getting nervous and people than laugh about me.
    It’s easy for me to get in touch with people
    I often play a role. How would I otherwise get what I want?
    I like to talk, and I often interrupt others without noticing it on time.
    I’m ambitious and for that I will do everything I can to be successful
    I always know who to contact and to choose the right moment for it. This is very important to be successful
    When people disagree, I try to find realistic solutions which are based on common interest
    I prefer to be frank
    I have the tendency to put off everything I have to do
    I often begin something without finishing it.
    I generally behave myself as I am, without hiding my feelings.
    It takes a lot to intimidate me.
    Frightening people is a well known method to be in power
    When I notice that somebody trapped me, I already know that I will take revenge
    If you want to criticize somebody, it is rather useful to tell him that he has an incoherent behavior. It is clear that he will agree in it
    I know how to use the system in a profitable way. I’m clever
    I am able to be myself and to be socially recognized at the same time
    When I don’t agree with other people, I can express myself without being overwhelmed by my feelings and people listen to me
    I try not to disturb other people
    It’s difficult for me to make decisions and to choose
    I don’t like to be the only person with the different opinion in a group. In this case I prefer to shut up
    I’m not afraid to speak in public
    Life is and endless fight for power
    I’m not afraid of dangerous and risky challenges
    It’s more useful to provoke conflicts than to reduce tensions
    The best way to build confidence is to be frank
    I am able to listen to somebody without interrupting him
    I always finish what I have begun to do
    I’m not afraid to express the feelings I have as they are
    I know how to make people adhere to my ideas
    Flattering people will always be the best way to get what you want
    When discussing, I’s not easy for me to notice when I have to stop to speak and let other people express themselves
    I can be very ironical
    I like to help others and I am not complicated. Sometimes people even exploit me a bit
    I prefer to observe rather than to participate
    I prefer to stay in the background rather that to be in the first line
    I don’t think manipulating is a good solution
    It isn’t clever to express ones intentions too quickly
    People are often shocked by my statements
    I prefer to be a wolf rather than a sheep
    Often, the only practical way to get what you want is manipulating people
    I know how to protest in a constructive way and without being too aggressive
    I think that one cannot really solve a problem without going to the bottom of it
    It disturbs me when people have a bad impression of me